[Harp-L] Re: Beginner Harp

Having played many different alternate tunings, both diatonic and now chromatic, I still can't say there's any better or best tuning for beginners.  Every tuning has its pros and cons, but I can't say that any one tuning is "easiest" to learn or play.   

But regardless of whether its any "easier", the standard "Richter" diatonic tuning has some huge advantages for beginners.  You can find them for sale in every town.  There's millions of songs already recorded that you can play along with and learn from,  there's all the instructional materials you could want and there's lots of good experienced teachers to help you learn.

So for those reasons alone,  I'd recommend beginners start with standard Richter tuning before moving on to more specialized harps.  

That said,  I'm still having a blast with my "LeGato" tuned chromatics and Fourkey tuned diatonics.  Spiral tuning never really grabbed me like Fourkey has.  But to each his own, vive le difference!

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