[Harp-L] Beginner harp


It's going to be difficult to progress on any harp without practice, but your recently purchased set of Lee Oskars are as good to learn on as any diatonic harp. If they are in good condition they will be very air tight and responsive, so you won't be fighting the instrument. If you experience problems, you will have confidence that it's not the harp so you can be purely motivated to focus on your technique.

A word about practice: Progress is not linear. By this i mean that if you practice regularly, you may struggle for quite a while without seeming to improve a whole lot then all of a sudden you will get much better relatively fast. It may come as a quick jump rather than as incremental step by step improvement. This may be a function of how the "muscle memory" phenomenon works, but it does take regular and relatively consistent practice before you make a "breakthrough." Moral of the story: don't become frustrated if you practice and you do not seem to be progressing. If you keep at it, improvement may come suddenly and dramatically. But you have to practice for a while with fairly regular consistency to get there.



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