[Harp-L] Harmonicas for beginners

Maybe it would  make sense for beginners to learn on 12 hole harps where all
the notes are there in the same sequence, as in most 3 octave chromatics or
the Seydel tremolos that I've started working with. Introduce them to the 4
most useful modes, two major and two minor, 1st through 4th positions.THEN
start thinking about the missing notes on a ten hole, the resulting chords
and how to bend to the absent intervals. I see the harp as an instrument
that begins to make most sense within the framework of modes. The 12 hole
set up accesses the modes easily without complicating the learning process
with missing notes or confusion about draw 2 and blow 3. Just a couple of
thoughts I've had. I'm not sure which models would be best for the purpose.
It might also be true that this approach would really make the most sense
for people interested in Celtic music, fiddle tunes and such.

John Coster

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