[Harp-L] congrats curtis and jason

Congrats to Curtis and Jason!!!!

My first time to meet Curtis was when I was playing a Concerto with the Oregon Symphony and doing a master class at a local music store. They expected I think 2 players to show since I am the "classical" cat and about 200 came and one was Curtis. So Curtis says I am playing Key Largo tonight, so come on down and jam. So after rehearsal the conductor and about 3 symphony musicians go down to see Curtis and when he starts to play the conductor says he knows your here and is playing every lick he knows to impress you. Somehow I knew he was in first gear and there were 3 more gears to go.

Anyhow we smoked the place and he and his band came to see me with the Portland Symphony and we had beers after. Later he joined me for a recital type concert and I have been friends with him ever since.

Jason too!! Friends since SPAH. This is soooo great to see. Give it up for Jason and Curtis everyone.

Harmonically yours,


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