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Andy Wilson is the harp player in Steppin' In It. Also plays trumpet & cajun accordion. He's a fine harp player and versatile.

The band Steppin In It teams up with another Michigan native, singer/ songwriter Rachel Davis, as the band Shout Sister Shout, doing 30's and 40's era jazz. Around here we've enjoyed her singing since she was a child; my wife and I just got home from hearing her live this evening. They're worth a listen, here's a clip of them including some of Andy's harp work.





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Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 15:06:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: martin oldsberg <martinoldsberg@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] Harmonica as a regular instrument

Two bands have been mentioned here recently, Charlie Winston, w/ harmonica player Ben Edwards, and Steppin in It /w harmonica player ... -- whose name escapes me now.
What´s interesting w/ these two, i think is that the harmonica is treated as a "regular" instrument, filling it´s place in the soundscape the band creates, and not just something a singer brings up and shows that s/he can draw, blow and wow, even bend 4D.
This usage of the harp is not very common (outside of blues) and bands that comes to mind are of course War, J Geils and ... and ... -- it sort of ran out there. But of course there are some more.
When one listens to, e.g. Charlie Winston, mostly the harmonica is very discreet, not defining the band´s sound but more laying some sort of foundation, or filling out the bottom. On a a live show I have w/ them I think he doesn´t even take a solo for the entire concert. But he´s there.

Can anyone fill in more band that use the harp, diatonic/chromatic in this way? Well known, unknown, no matter; just forget blues because there it´s often a given thing.
With services like Spotify you can explore music you´d never dream of spending your money on and it´s a very fortunate situation, for as long as it holds.

PS Yeah, I´m well aware of a Swedish band, Wilmer X, that answers to the above criteria. Well known and successful here, but no bigger splash internationally. One reason: they sing in Swedish.

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