[Harp-L] My Buckeye Top 10 Highlights...

The whole darn event had a sweet vibe. Danny G. and team hustled day and
night for months to pull this baby off. My top 10 highlights of the festival
in no particular order:

1) Working side by side with Buzz Krantz along with my new friend Harry
Garner. We had a lot of laughs and great music happening as we rallied the
diatonic troops.

2) Being included on a seminar panel discussing tone with Jim Lohman, AJ
Fedor, Bob McFarlane, Chris Bauer & Al and Judy Smith. Standing room only
for 2 1/2 hours!

3) Witnessing the reincarnation of the HarpBeats as a duo. Phil & George put
on a great show that was VERY entertaining. The new "Harpettes" were awesome

4) FOOD OPTIONS: The Waffle House next door to the hotel. Fine dining always
a few steps away :-) /  The "Breakfast Room". The hotel served a free
breakfast every day from 6-10AM. The price was right, the food was
acceptable and the opportunity to enjoy morning coffee with all sorts of
harmonica people to start the day was very nice.

6) Madcat & Kane were hot! Madcat was lurking around being his wonderful
self for a few days. MC'd the Friday night show. Then his side kick showed
up Saturday night. As I previously mentioned; Madcat & Kane were hot, hot,

7) Hal Walker, a local "good guy" who "feeds the reeds" to the kids on a
regular basis. Crazy talented on a wacky assortment of instruments that
accompany his great harmonica chops.

8) Jia-Yi He. What a wonderful sweet man with a mountain of talent. His set
was powerful and dynamic. He doesn't miss a note no matter how fast the
passage on the page. Virtuoso is a very fitting word to describe him.

9) The Fabulous Sgro Brothers. WOW! nuff said.

10) The "Shack Shakers" our house blues band for the event. Super guys,
super tight, super fun, super accommodating.

(everyone or thing I didn't mention is lumped into # 11 of this list. It was

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