Re: [Harp-L] Roots Band using harp nicely

Thanx Mike, Christopher, Bill and Madcat.....and all who replied

Wow! and NOW they are one of MY favorite bands! Not only is Andy Wilson Versatile as heck...he is an amazing 'Parts' Player and .'Comper' and his solos are exactly was the songs call for no 'hot doggin' here!

I will make it my bizness to catch them live!

It Funny how vast the internet is? Here is how I stumbled on to them...

I was surfing you tubes looking for cover versions of Randy Newman stuff,
I'm a huge Randy Newman fan, I'm working on a new side project no harp.

I've come up with my own arr's of The entire Randy Newman Lp from 74' "Good Old Boys"
an amazing concept record with some musical and vignettes built his satire which encompasses many truths.

Anyway, I'm planning to perform the whole LP live in sequence on Vocals and Piano and just hiring a Tuba player to accompany me.
I was looking for a version of "Mr. President, Have Pity on the Working Man" and was intrigued when I heard the harp player on Steppin' in it's cool 1st Position work on their cover of this tune! BTW, Sam Bush has a cool version too!

Now I may have to use my Rack for one tune!,-)

all the best,
Rob 'Kingfish' Paparozzi

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Yo Rob and harp-l

YES, I know these guys. Steppin' In It is one of my favorite bands in the world ! ! !

And YES, Andy Wilson is a great harmonica player. He plays diatonic, chromatic, chord and bass harmonicas, and he plays them all really well.

They are an amazingly versatile band. The dobro / lap steel player also plays trombone and harmonica; the harmonica player also plays trumpet, Cajun accordion and penny whistle; the guitar player also plays keyboards; and the bass player plays some bass harmonica.

They have even worked out a tune where all four of them play harmonica.

I highly recommend that you check them out and hear them life if you get the chance.

Peter Madcat Ruth Musician - Grammy Award Winner madcat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From: Robert Paparozzi
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Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Roots Band using harp nicely

Here's a cool Roots Band I stumbled on with a Harp Doubler Andy Wilson

He's got a lot of Harps on that table and and puttin' them to good use on
this tune, tasty!

Rob Paparozzi

Yo Madcat or any MI harpers,

Have you heard of these cats?.....I really dig their sound and harp
Looks like they are outta of Lansing, MI (USA)

Rob Paparozzi

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