Re: [Harp-L] Roots Band using harp nicely

On May 7, 2010, at 12:40am, Robert Paparozzi wrote:
Yo Madcat or any MI harpers,
Have you heard of these cats?.....I really dig their sound and harp
Looks like they are outta of Lansing, MI (USA)
Rob Paparozzi

On 5/7/10 12:15 AM, "Robert Paparozzi" <chromboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here's a cool Roots Band I stumbled on with a Harp Doubler Andy Wilson
He's got a lot of Harps on that table and and puttin' them to good use on
this tune, tasty!
Rob Paparozzi

Yes, Steppin' In it is out of Lansing, Mi.

Andy Wilson also plays trumpet, accordian, seemingly just about anything. He has gone back to school -- in the Jazz Studies program at MSU.

Steppin' in It has a standing gig Monday nights at the Green Door here in Lansing. Andy is also part of Bad Gravy, a group that exists only on Sunday nights hosting the blues jam at the same venue.

And Andy also pops up in other groups working/recording out of Lansing: Those Delta Rhythm Kings, Big Willy.

Andy plays with 'Big Willy,' here:

and there's more Steppin' In It video here:

oh -- and watch for BackStage Pass to come to a PBS station near you next year. Music made in Michigan.


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