[Harp-L] Jealous

Jealousy is an ugly thing

Well I for one am jealous of Howard; can't stand the fact that he can play piano and harmonica at the same time in 11/4 at a blistering speed and make it sound so easy!!! Saw him do it at Rob Paparozzi's once and if he had added a guitar and foot drum we would have figured out a way to our Mafia buddies wack him... Just kidding. (Hey Rob, he's going to read this and throw in the guitar and foot drum!)

As a friend of Howard's I can honestly say this guy is a major asset to the harmonica community. He can do more with the diatonic than any other player I can think of. He also reaches out and teaches other players besides being a nice person on top of that!!!

As a true pioneer, one of things that happens when you push the boundaries is you test the listener's comfort zone. And Howard pushes the boundaries. But Howard knows that going in and like most of us performing all the time, you take your kudos from musicians you respect.

15 years ago at a master class at Carroll Music in NYC I asked him if he felt that he had just scratched the surface of what was possible to do with this instrument and he answered what I personally feel about the harmonica - "just scratched the surface."
Harmonically yours,

Roberto Bonfiglio

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