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I've tried stock Hohner Low Eb's, but they all need some work done to it in terms of gapping, embossing, and the best overall Low Eb from them is a combination of MS series parts using Big River cover plates. Cross Harp reed plates, and beeswax sealed maple combs from Mark Lavoie as getting just one model isn't all that great.
For a stock Low Eb, a Seydel 1847 is the hands down winner  from my experience and the little "bump" they place on the cover where the 1 draw would rattle is a smart move and if you get the classic series, which has a fully sealed wood comb, swelling will never be an issue at all.
However, none of these are as good as a custom Marine Band in that key and customizers do reshape the covers to alleviate the rattle problem (which if you play with less breath force, no longer becomes an issue), and will easily outplay either of those by a mile, but price wise, from the better customizers, you're looking at $150-180 apiece.
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Can anyone recommend a good Low Eb. I have a special 20 and I have re-gapped
reeds, embossed, added extra screws to the plate. It is still hard to play.

On the other hand, I bought a Suzuki Manji Low F and it played effortlessly.
I wish they made a Low Eb.

The only one that looks enticing is the Seydel 1847, $90 harps. For that
price perhaps it is better to buy a custom one.

Comments? Help?

Thanks, M

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