[Harp-L] overblows-overbends?

Hey all,
What is the difference between a overblow and a overbend. I know a overblow 
 kicks the note in the blow hole up a step and one half. What does a 
overbend  accomplish?
I can get the standard draw bends on any hole (although my intonation can  
always use work), and I can get the blowbends on 8,9 and 10 (although the 10 
 gives me some trouble with the middle bend). But overblows are still a 
mystery  to me. With I hit the 6 overblow it sounds like a cat on fire. So I 
mainly work  on standard bends and tone. I will die happy if I can even enter 
in the  slightest way,  the outer universe of Paul Butterfield, Paul DeLay, 
or any  of the greats I have been studying though the years.
Chris Mastakas

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