[Harp-L] Pressure while bending?

Hi all,

Does anyone else experience this - I mainly play chrom, but I've been
trying to do more on the diatonic lately.  After playing diatonic for
a while, practicing bends and all, I start to feel pressure on my
front teeth.  This seems to really bother me after a while.

I don't think there's anything unusual about my embouchure, and my
teeth are healthy enough.  It mainly happens when I'm puckering and
bending notes.  When tongue blocking I don't have the issue, and when
playing chrom I never have the issue.

It's like when I bend there is some pressure where the harp pulls in
to the face just a little more.  10 minutes of bending doesn't bother
me, but if I do more my front two teeth feel as though they may have
shifted back a little.  It can really bug me sometimes, and sometimes
just putting pressure against the teeth with my thumb in the outward
direction relieves the feeling and realigns my bite.  I think I am
talking very small degrees here, but it seems to make a difference.
(I think my overbite is very slight, where the front teeth are barely
past the bottom teeth, and the slightest change is really annoying.)

Is this a common thing to have happen, or does anyone else experience
this?  Is there a way to minimize this?

Thanks for any advice,



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