[Harp-L] Too Much Time!

Boy oh Boy, Having my tour cancelled left me with WAY too much time on my hands!

I apologize for all the Posts and Youtubes last week, I need to get a Job!,-)

OK.....Today I will go out and do some Yard Work I promise.....

This is not a "Harp Demo Youtube" but one of my tracks (Ticket to Ride) set to a Slideshow
of some OLD pictures I yanked out of my scrapbook! I especially like the one with my kids and I wearing the BIG RIVER sweatshirts it was my first day off after 8 shows a week for a bout a month when I was subbin for Don Brooks and I was TIRED! thanx for watchin...


OK off to work (soon I hope)

Peace out,
Rob Paparozzi

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