Re: [Harp-L] Re: Howard Levy School vs. David Barrett School?

I think inexperienced players should enroll in both schools.  As you get
more advanced, I think you really need to get away from ALL harmonica
players and listen to other musicians to form your own sound.
I had a close relationship with Howard for many years but I never took
formal lessons from him. You can't help but learn something from Howard just
by hanging around him and watching how you do things.  I've only briefly
checked out Howard's school and while I think any and all players can
benefit from enrollment, I don't think you will learn the things that Howard
really has to offer and the things that will really help skyrocket your

Both Howard and Dave are great players with a lot to offer but in the end
all they are really teaching is how to play notes. When I say notes, I'm
lumping together theory, harmonica and general technique(note production).
Learning to play notes is one very small part of playing music and to me,
playing the right note isn't even the most important aspect of playing
music.  Your audience doesn't care about about notes, what and how you are
playing, they care about what sounds good and how you make them feel.

I learned more about music from hanging around Howard than I ever learned
any form of technique. His approach, what he listens to, how hard he works,
how dedicated he is, his lifestyle, how he lives etc is all far more
important in terms of getting somewhere with your instrument. Over the years
I have met other "elite" musicians and I have noticed many similarities.
Being good at what you do, regardless of whether or not it's the harmonica,
has more to do with lifestyle than notes.

That's my two cents.

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