[Harp-L] RE: mics from Sonny Jr

Sonny wrote:"Just a head's up from May 21 - 23, while the Masterclass is going on at the 
Hilton, I will have my own conference room right next door at the Crown 
Plaza. I will have close to 15 of the hottest mics from my stock, all worked 
on by the master Chuck Gurney. Plus, I will have some super hot crystal 
mics, and NOT the Astatic just going out of business ones. Just off the top of 
my head, a stock 1960 Shure 707A with original 99B crystal element, the 
later years had those versus the earlier R7's.. A super hot Brush crystal, 
and a hot shure crystal from 1-73.. The Controlled magnetics and reluctances 
will be from the 50's, 99H, 99G, and if it is any other letter, it is 
guaranteed to be a bomb."
If you get a chance to get a mic from Sonny Jr, don't pass it up! His standards are as high for his mics as they are for his amps. I have two I purchased from him , one chopped Turner and one Astatic and they are honkers for sure. I also have an beautiful yellow chopped Turner from Chuck Gurney and when Sonny says that Chuck is the master, believe him. These three mics and my chopped 57 with the Bulletizer that I purchased from Greg Heumann are the only ones in my case now. 
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23 New Orleans Rd.
Hilton Head Island, SC

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