[Harp-L] Re: B-Thing Tuning Availabiltiy

I too, would like to buy one. If you find a source for a new one, please let me know.

Thank You,  Conrad

"I know what the B-Thing/Lee Oskar/Overblow.com tuning is, and I *think* I
can tune a harp as such, but I thought I remember seeing that a company
actually makes harps with that tuning. On whole one I would need to add
weight to the reed, which I think I can pull off.

Any help?

I have three E harps at home, but one needs to stay stock, one has really
old plates (and might be getting tired), and the other is 5 years old and
beat to all heck.

For learning one song, it might be worth picking up a new harp and saving
myself some work...I realize I could get a "custom", but am trying to avoid
the expense.


Mike Fugazzi
"NiteRail"  "

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