Re: [Harp-L] Players don't participate

On May 4, 2010, at 11:10 PM, Seth Galitzer wrote:

Hotdog sax players?  Never!  They're as rare as hotdog guitar players.
 I think mebbe you're just jealous that you can't play as many notes
in one phrase. :)  Of course, that's a joke.  I have nothing but
respect for you, sir, and can't play (nor would I want to) like the
hard boppers.  BTW, my other online nick is "sgsax".  I've been
playing woodies for most of my musical life, and consider sax my
primary instrument.

I had a Vito sop and a Cannonball Tenor, still have 2 Vito clarinets, and an H.N. White trumpet. (everything in Bb). Sold the saxs when I had a personal tragedy and needed money. In 1983 I did a tape called 'LeOne AlOne' on which I played all of them (including an Armstrong flute). But it never went anywhere. Elizabeth S. has the only copy left.

I like the Rico 2 1/2 reeds because the Van Dorens are TOO good. Too stiff (for their number rating), so I used to scrape them with a pen knife until they would flex easier (maybe 2 1/4 BUT close to a Rico in rating). Harmonica content? When I was killed at the Camp Hill prison riot (1991..which you could google), my face is false and no longer in any shape to play without nerve pain, so I returned to harmonica.

  I only just picked up the harp a couple of years
ago, because I thought it would be "easy."  Riiiight.... :)

Harmonica 'can' be easy. Chromo is the easier of the 2. No need to 'manufacture' notes from thin air.


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