[Harp-L] mics

Just a head's up from May 21 - 23, while the Masterclass is going on at the 
 Hilton, I will have my own conference room right next door at the Crown 
Plaza. I  will have close to 15 of the hottest mics from my stock, all worked 
on by the  master Chuck Gurney. Plus, I will have some super hot crystal 
mics, and NOT the  Astatic just going out of business ones. Just off the top of 
my head, a stock  1960 Shure 707A with original 99B crystal element, the 
later years had those  versus the earlier R7's.. A super hot Brush crystal, 
and a hot shure crystal  from 1-73..  The Controlled magnetics and reluctances 
will be from the  50's, 99H, 99G, and if it is any other letter, it is 
guaranteed to be a bomb. I  am at the mercy of Weber speakers, but I am hoping 
to bring an Avenger to sell  at a discount, stock price is $1895 plus 65 for 
custom cover and $75 for pop out  casters professionally installed, as the 
amp is 56 pounds. So far my first 8  orders wanted casters so I will have 
that as an option.  With the $100  shipping and supplies, it is over $2050 but 
can be had for $1850.00 first to buy  gets it. I will also have a Cruncher 
for sale at $1395.00, versus retail of  $1560.. I will be there all three 
days, offering support on the amps as you demo  them without any interference 
or noise going on, just positive energy allowed. I  may do a short seminar on 
Sonny if we get enough people, I am ready. These  mics will be hotter than 
anything else out there that weekend as I pay more  knowing Chuck will sell 
me hotties, then I mount them in the smaller Turner with  very small fin for 
grip, indented volume controls. 
IF Weber does not come through, I will have my personal Avenger shipped out 
 so you can try it and order it, as I am very confident when you feel the  
oooomph this amp provides you will want one of your own. 
    Charlie Musselwhite has ordered his already, and  for Charlie I am 
building a Super Avenger, which will have in place of the Weber  12" speaker, a 
vintage PM magnet, the giant lug of magnet on top from the late  40's to 
early 50's 12" Magnavox, and the real deal vintage Jensen P10Q from 1955  in 
place of the Weber 10".. I have the ability to build a couple more of these,  
just ask for pricing when you get to my spot. I am there to have fun, blow a 
lot  of harp and certainly will do a small Sonny Terry seminar, the main 
reason is so  you can hear and feel for yourself what everyone is so excited 
about with the  Cruncher, along with the new beast, the never before speaker 
configuration 45  watt Avenger, with stock NOS preamp tubes and all the 
other quality parts that  go into a Sonny Jr amplifier. 
         I would like to announce  that one of THE best European players, 
Harmonica Henry, is now a Sonny  Jr endorser, he bought an earlier 410 and 
will be getting his Cruncher soon.  Henry has TONE, greazy fat Tone and it is 
an honor that he wants to play Sonny  Jr amps. Combined with Matyas 
Probojszki those are two incredible harp players.  The price of the Cruncher will 
need to go up soon, the high quality we will not  budge on is getting more 
costly and so far no one has complained about making  the plunge and fighting 
the fire breathing wives. Look forward to seeing you  there, I am sure I will 
see many of my amp customers there and will be happy to  shake hands and 
offer anything you need.. Last post about this. It's a new month  and this is 
my first blurb about it, so I have a couple more in case some things  
change.. All the best. Sonny Jr. 

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