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Joe has seen it all--thanks for sharing.
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On May 4, 2010, at 10:58 AM, Bill Kumpe wrote:

> Looking for some input.  Why would good musicians regularly attend  
> a jam but
> never bring their instruments or participate?
> Bill Kumpe
> Tulsa, OK

It all comes down to something I have been preaching for years...In a  

Ok, I don't know how this works for anyone else, but I'll share a few  
scenarios. Here in S.W Fla. we have a lot of older retired musicians  
(singers). Some music teachers and professors, some from big bands,  
some from Ringling Bros., some from Broadway. Youngsters fro the  
Edison school of music. A nice assortment of talent.

Scenario: There's a restaurant. Up until Haloween, everything is  
slow, and then takes off with the snowbirds arrival. Things are fine  
until the New Year. Thats when the father of the owners comes south  
and takes over the place. He has his own night where he and his kiss  
asses play. Then another night where special invited guests appear  
(by HIM). There are 2 nights of just pyano and then Sunday is jam night.

So this guy persists in ruining jam night by taking that over too.  
With little phrases like "I'll call you when I want you", or "I'll  
make you a star". I have seen good musicians sit through TWO sets  
without playing. They usually leave and never return. If they DO  
return, it's usually with their wife or girlfriend, they have dinner  
and some wine and then leave. After all the pyano player IS very  
good :) They probably carry their axes but because they weren't given  
an opportunity to 'swing', they don't bring them to the woodpile  
again. The father leaves after Easter BUT by that time, we're back  
into slow season.

Scenario: It isn't unusual for a plethora of sax players to show up  
at a jam. Now I don't know about you, but three or even FOUR solos  
with sax after sax can start to mold my eardrums. I like to play  
between them to break up that situation. Now 2 of these guys are very  
very good. One is better than Boney James (a local Sarasota boy), and  
at least as good as David Sanborn. The other is better than ANYone.  
Unfortunately they won't stop. They will solo for 6-9 minutes.  
Hogging the spotlight.

The jam leaders are usually quick to criticize others to keep them in  
line but ass kiss these two. This turns other people off, and they  
quit coming. If they DO come back, it's usually with their wife or  
girlfriend, they have something to eat and leave. They probably have  
their axes in their cars.

Scenario: The wait staff is unfriendly. Now no one is asking them to  
be all bubbly, but they act like they hate being there.
Scenario: The management is unfriendly. Constant little complaints  
about this..and that. OR control freaking.
Scenario: Some players feel that if they are there playing for  
nothing, the least the establishment can do is front them a beer or  
two. Since a lot of these places are not cheap, the players think  
that the establishment can get along without them. I know a wonderful  
pyano player who, when asked by a waitress if she could get him  
anything, he replied "A cup of coffee please". When he was packing up  
for the evening, he was handed a bill for $5.oo. He quit the gig. On  
Scenario: The clientele is unfriendly. NO one is paying attention to  
the music, everyone is yelling/laughing, and they can't wait till the  
T.V volume is turned back on OR the crummy music on the jukebox.

Disclaimer: I'm not having too much of a problem because I am  
something of an oddity. I am the only chromo player who is making the  
rounds. I also can play pop tunes on diatonic, which most are  
surprised at. Since MY sound is different from the steady stream of  
guitars and saxs, I get by.

I generally check out a new place and if I get any negative waves, I  
leave my harps in the Jeep. Most of the guys I know down here do the  
same. Some of us go somewhere for the music, but won't play there  
because of one of the aforementioned scenarios.



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