[Harp-L] re: You Tube on the Chromatix and Audix Protoype (Who can sail ...

Thanks for that one, Rob.
  We´re supposed to be a melancholy lot up here in the woods at the end of the world (when we´re not busy having promiscuous sex or killing ourselves) and you captured that perfectly, with an added plus for a light bluesy touch, pointing to another part of the planet.
  Stuff like this makes me regret that I quit the chromatic, making me mono-lingual -- and sometimes downright mute; it´s very hard to get that luscious softness on the diatonic.
  Swedish composer and folklorist Hugo Alfvén made the observation, early 1900s, when he was travelling the countryside looking for material (like Bartok in Hungary and Lomax in the US) and had the locals play their tunes to him, that the more they drank, the sadder became the tunes, the more the minor character was pronounced.

all the best,

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