[Harp-L] Fw: Pitch shifter/Octave doubler samples

Hi Richard,

I think the 2_oct_down_99_percent sample sounds most like a baritone or bass
harmonica and is the most usable in a bass context.  Because of the single
reed sound, it sounds different than an octave tuned hinged bass harmonica -
more like one of the harmonicas with larger single reeds such as the Tombo
Contrabass (or maybe the Polyphonia) - no bad thing, some people prefer that

I think the lowest note you play on your B harmonica in the "2 octave down"
samples is C#4 before processing, so C#2 after the effect - this is in the
upper range of the 2 octave bass harmonica.  As far as I can tell, the
hinged bass harmonicas can play a major 6th below that, starting on E1,
meaning that if you played your sample on a low D diatonic and shifted it
down two octaves, you would be at the bottom of a bass harmonica.  I think
your sample is a great sound; I'd imagine it would be quite useful in a
band. As you say, you can bend notes, play very rapidly, play in octaves and
all the other things that diatonic or chromatic harmonicas do well that
would normally be difficult or impossible on a bass harmonica.

The other samples, with elements of the original harp, are inspiring sounds
in themselves - particularly the bassman one.

I'm working out some walking basslines on bass harmonica and chromatic and
I'll post samples when they're up to speed (could be a little while as the
bass is a new instrument to me) - will be interesting to compare the sounds.


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