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MundHarp@xxxxxxx wrote:
<Just now I am in Arizona USA. I have been experiencing problems with  
<cracked wood combs on THREE of my chromatics.
<I happen to like my Hohner Super Chromonicas (270s). But they come as  
<standard with pear wood combs.
<Over the years I have played my harmonicas in many interesting places both  
<in the tropics, and also in cold climates. But here in Arizona, it is the  
<temperature variation that seems to be causing the problems... In "The 
<Valley of  the Sun"  (Where Phoenix is situated), the temperature often exceeds 
<90  degrees F during daytime at this time of year, & 20 degrees hotter than  
<that in the summer months. But when going into the Arizona mountains, the  
<temperature often drops to below freezing point. Where I was playing  last 
<Friday for example, it dropped to about 30 degrees F....  I was  playing a gig 
<in the open air that evening and it was COLD.

The temperature variation is significant, but it's the combination of wide temperature swings with dry, dry Arizona air that's causing the wood to crack.

Wood is especially vulnerable when it transitions suddenly from a very damp environment to a very dry one.  I believe you said that you're based now in the Phillipines?  

Regards, Richard Hunter

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