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<<Hi.  When I was a teenager, (55 years ago), we stopped  in Flagstaff, Az. 
one night.  When I went outside the motel, My  glasses lens cracked in half.
I live in Maine and have had wood  chrom. combs crack often.  I have 
all plastic combs now.  Bill  Romel told me to stay away from the wood 
combs, several years ago.
Good  luck.
Bill Romel re-built one of my old 270s onto one of his own  "Plexiglass" 
combs some years back... Bill is truly missed, God rest his  soul....
I know that _www.harponline.de_ (  offer plastic, 
as well as  stainless steel combs for 270 "Super Chromonicas", over in  
Anyone know of other harp tecs in USA who also can re-comb  270s?
John "Whiteboy" Walden,
English harmonica player.
(Who lives in the Philippines.)
Just now in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

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