Re: [Harp-L] 365 COMB IN PLASTIC or WOOD?

I have had some success simply replacing the nails after working on the harp. 
Of course, the better job you do of disassembly, the more airtight--bigger harps leak more. Don't bend the plates!
Gary (in Las Vegas, on the runway and flying home to San Diego)
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My initial query was unfruitful, perhaps plastic combs for 14-hole Hohner 365s don't exist, but I have a couple which I'd like to work the reeds on, thus need to dis- and re-assemble the things,  and I'm not handy for drilling and tapping and rigging and wrangling (well, wrangling I can do).   

Any suggestions?  Thanks!

-Dave "plastic fantastic lover" Fertig

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