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Thanks Richard

I guess the best bet would be to try it.

Purely as a space saving device it would be nice to have it all in one pedal but I need to be able to switch between different effects in real time as well as adjusting each effect as I go to create sonic expression.

I tend to use the effects not only as adornment but as instruments themselves...

Kindest regards

Dave Ferguson

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hoptowntiger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>I downloaded all the files and was really impressed. My full time gig is a one >man, loop based show where I use a danelectro chili dog for the bass lines.
>My interest in the RP series is piqued.
>Is it possible to adjust various effects on the fly, most notably delay and chorus?

Dave, glad you like the samples.  It's definitely possible to tweak the RPs on the fly.  The very easiest way to do it, and the one I would definitely recommend, is to get an RP with an expression pedal (i.e. RP250/255 or 350/355), and assign the parameter you want to tweak most on a particular patch (such as delay level, or delay time, or delay repeats) to the pedal.  In my latest patch set, I created multiple versions of many patches with different parameters assigned to the footpedal, for exactly that purpose.  The RP allows you to specify what the pedal controls separately for each and every patch, which is a nice feature.

The second way is to put the patch into EDIT mode while you play, and use the knobs to adjust parameters on the fly.  It's a lot more error-prone than the first method.  Further, after many hours spent tweaking RP255s in particular, it appears to me that the device becomes unstable after you make a bunch of changes via the front panel in EDIT mode.  Definitely not a desired situation in live performance.

Unfortunately, you can't assign the footpedal to two parameters at once, e.g. low octave double volume and delay time.  So if you want the maximum in live tweakability for every effect parameter, you're talking about a dedicated effect pedal (like delay or pitch shift) with multiple knobs for that effect's parameters.

However, I get by fine 99% of the time with the footpedal assigned to one parameter.

Regards, RH

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