Re: [Harp-L] best mic for acoustic playing

I say you can't go wrong with the SM-58. Still available for $100 on the street. Add a Lo-Hi Impedance Transformer into the high impedance input of an amplifier and it's ready for amped harp work as well. And you can always use it to mic your amp with an XLR cable to the PA. Having a spare SM-58 in the gig case has saved many gigs. Works well here micing an acoustic guitar.

I'd suggest trying both the SM-58 and the SM-57 for acoustic. The Sennheiser 835 I also have used micing acoustic instruments with very good results. A little less $$.

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<< anybody know which mic is best to pick up wah wah sounds when your
playing acoustically off the mic. any ideas on PA settings for a mic designated
just for the harp not vocals and not cupping the mic.

There are LOTS.... But I favour Sure SM-58 mics... They are (relatively) inexpensive, and very tough & last for a long time.

But most unidirectional dynamic mics will do the job. If you can, try
before you buy.

John "Whiteboy" Walden, English harmonica player. (Who lives in the Philippines.) Just now in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

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