[Harp-L] Shim Stock

 Someone wrote: 
Yes actually, I did mean shim stock! I got some from Richard Sleigh a few years ago. It was really thin metal strips that i could use to shape reeds and run along the side of the reed slot. The reason I asked is that I don't know what metal type of shim stock I should get or the thickness. Do you know?

  A good tool to use for de-burring over-embossed reed slots is the metal strips that come in the anti-theft devices that are glued to many items in dept. stores (and everywhere else, it seems).  Cut them open to reveal 2 thin metal strips that have a slight curvature to them.  This gives them a bit of rigidity that makes them work as a scraper tool.  
  For shaping reeds I think u need a thicker strip to be able to support a reed, and the auto feeler gauges should work well.  The feeler gauge that is included in the Lee Oskar tool kit is a .008 mm.
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