[Harp-L] Alternative Tools (Was: Shim Stock (Feeler Gauges))

I know this has been covered several times on Harp-L, so this is NOT my suggestion. However, I have had great success with these tools.
For deburring slots, get one of those little anti-theft strips that seem to be everywhere, especially on CDs. Cut off one end and take out the little strips of metal inside. They are perfect for this purpose. There's a slight curve to at least one of them, which makes it easier to shave just the reedplate or just the reed.
For embossing, get a socket (as in socket wrenches). Experiment with different sizes. (I think I glommed this one from "Buddha" (Chris Michalek). It works great.
Crazy (about GOOD, cheap tools) Bob 		 	   		  
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