Re: [Harp-L] 4th position 3 hole draw bend on the XB40

I used to play in a country band and copied Charlie McCoy's style a little, which means you have to get 3 draw bends down. Try playing America in the low octave as a practice.   Another great lick is to start 3 draw unbent and slowly draw it down a step and drop to 2 draw unbent.  Or reverse that.
If you play major scale, second position, I think 3 draw is important to get the bends.   Proper gapping makes it much easier.
Steve Webb in Minnesota

---- john coster <john.medicineb@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Just glancing at this discussion I thought I might mention that the XB40
> does seem to make it possible to hit the 3 draw pretty much dead on down a
> whole step. I seem to be able to get it if my position is dead on the hole.
> I can't do this on any other harp half as well and rely on 12 hole
> chromatics or tremolos with the same layout for many fiddle tunes.  I've
> got a long way to go when it comes to bending notes, but find the xb4os
> enables me to blow bend pretty easily as well. They also have enough volume
> to cut it when you're competing with fiddles in a session. Expensive, but so
> far mine have held up better than more expensive chromatics.
> John Coster

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