[Harp-L] Eddie gordon....rest in peace

Dear Harp-lers,

Its is with an extremely heavy heart that I"ve learned of the passing of my menter for 19 
years Eddie Gordon.  As many of you have already read in Danny Wilson's post.  I was just 
getting out of church when I got the call from his son Steve letting me know that Eddie 
passed away. 

I owe Eddie a great deal.  Had it not been for his influence and guidance I would not have 
gone down the harmonica road I did.  We started on diatonic and the blues and he soon 
suggested the chromatic as well.  He also suggested learning to read, write, arrange, and 
transpose music.  To learn as much about theory as I could.   If it wasn't for Eddie I would not 
be a Music Educator today.  

Yes, he could be very full of shit sometimes.  No one knows that more than me.  I chose to 
look passed that and reminded him often of how amazing a player he was, that his playing 
stood on its own.  Truly amazing.  I did not matter which harmonica he picked up, he played 
them all with equal virtuosity.  

One of the most important turning points in my life came from Eddie's wisdom when I was 
about to enter Calif. State University.  Initially I had chose to start school as a liberal arts 
major because I was unable to be a harmonica major.  I asked Eddie if he had any advice.  He 
said, "Never forget that you are the only one at that school with that skill."  And he was right.  
It changed everything.  I entered my second semester as a vocal major and through my 
bachelors and masters degree I had the opportunity to play chromatic with both Jazz bands A 
& B, I got to play Danny Boy with a 75 voice choir behind me, and played harmonica in both 
my undergrad and grad projects.  

NONE of this would have been possible without the influence, tutaledge and love from Eddie 
Gordon.  I will miss my mentor very much but I'm glad he's not in pain anymore.  He's home.  
Every one of his children are musicians in one capacity or another as well as being wonderful 
I'm sure I am still in shock cuz I haven't cried yet but I know I will.  

warm regards  

Roger Gonzales MA/Mus.Ed.

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