[Harp-L] 4th position

   There's a bluesy "train" chord I find myself using in 4th, though I
wouldn't know what to call it.  It would be on the 3,4,5,6 blow holes.  I
also use a lot of octaves on the upper end, not that those are actually
   As I said before, I relate this position to my cross harp stuff.  The
full-step draw bend on the 2nd hole, arguably the bluest note on the harp in
2nd position, becomes simply the 2nd hole draw in 4th position.  When I'm in
4th, I occasionally combine that 2nd hole draw with the 1st hole draw to get
kind of a mushy sound that I often end or resolve phrases with.
   If you're looking to establish a groove on the lower end of the harp, the
"Shake Your Moneymaker" riff (2b,1/2bend on 2d, 2d,1/2bend on 2d,
2b,2b) lends itself to a bunch of patterns.  Especially since you can
substitute a 3b for the 2d or the mushy
1d2d combo that I described in the last paragraph.  And some
tongue-slapping.  I also like to play with variations on "Big Walter's
Boogie" on the first two holes.  Something like 2b,1b, 1/2bend on 1d, 2d,
1/2bend on 2d, 2d, 1/2bend on 2d, 2b...1b,1/2bend on 1d, 2d, 1/2bend on 2d,
2b.  I think if you fooled around down there enough with variations on these
patterns and others, you could probably come up with a nice instrumental.
   I'm not the "guru" of 4th position blues; this position is still a work
in progress for me.  But the more players that jump on it, the more progress
and practical uses for it get discovered.  And the instrument moves forward.

Mick Zaklan

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