[Harp-L] Irish & Scottish Fiddle Tunes

Hi John.
I lke your version of Maid behind the Bar and the Scottish tune and I think
you are close to achieving what is known in Irish music circles as the
"neadh" pronouced "nyah"
As the harmonica is still in Irish music very much a minority instrument you
are not going to find many CDs of Irish harmonica, However as you are
probably aware the three major exponents at the moment are Brendan Power,
Mick Kinsella and Rick Epping (incidentally the designer of the XB40) You
need to be open to other instruments - fiddle of course, but also button
acordeon and concertina.
In Tutor sessions at the Willie Clancy Summer School Mick Kinsella regularly
recommends us to study the late Kitty Hayes C.D.s. Ktty Hayes was a lady
with no pretensions who played the concertina in a very straightforward
style. I find inspiration myself from another virtuoso concertina player
Micheal O'Raghaille, but needless to say I don't have any unrealistic
aspirations to copy him. If you want a real challenge you could look for
Sean Maguire the "Larry Adler" of the Irish Traditional Fiddle.
As regards fettling sick mouth organs "tell me about it" I remember the late
lamented F.R. Farrell said in forthright terms "If you can't repair your own
harmonica you can't afford to play one." I purchased a Lee Oskar repair kit
several years ago in response to this advice, but have not yet picked up the
courage to use it in anger notwithstanding being shown how by Mick Kinsella
and Rick Epping at the Willie Clancy School.
You may find samples of the above (and other trad musicians) on the CD Baby
website. Look out also for tremolo national champion Noel Battle, Scotsman
Donald Black and Nova Scotian Tommy Basker.
Good luck with your Celtic music endeavours.
Aongus Mac Cana

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