Live update[Harp-L] At Buckeye

Almost 2 a.m. Just took a break from the jam. Been playing diatonic and 48 chord in the blues jam. The songs are like 40 minutes long or something, I was getting pretty dizzy from all the chord playing, I was playing my best chord ever, even hit a few milestones with melodic chords. 

The Sgro brothers kicked ass. There is NO other way to say it. I'll report more on that later. I can add no prefix, suffix or otherwise alter the word "awesome" as I am want to do, that would describe the Sgros performance tonight. I, a former long-time professional writer am void of words to express the awesomeness of it. 

Also,  I didn't get here until this morning, so I didn't see the Harpbeats last night. George Miklas, however, showed me a vid of Fantasie Impromptu on his laptop... Phil freakin' nailed it. It was his best performance ever. My initial impression was he was getting complex tones in places even Murad wasn't. I mean Phil was rock on.

I did see the Sgros. And Peter Madcath Ruth. Peter freakin' ruled. I listened to the most of Peter's performace in the ballroom where he was... his guitar player has an AMAZING finger style... I looked out of the doorway, there's Al Smith and Phil Caltabellotta sitting just across the hallway chatting politely and listening to Peter. So there I go, sitting next to Al Smith, get him talking about back in the day of Puleo and Minnevitch, talked about Dave Doucette... all while listening to Peter. That was so awesome. Extremely awesome. 

My experience with the Sgros was BEYOND awesome. I will find a word to describe it when I report later. 

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