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You can discuss diatonics, amps, mics, special tunings and everything else that is discussed on harpl on Slidemeister.

It's just your responsibility to know where to post your question or dicussion. Sometime AGE will repost your message if it's in the wrong area. If you argue with him he won't argue back. He'll just ban you. What pisses off AGE is when messages are posted where they aren't suppose to be posted then people giving him hell for banning or deleting your post.

By keeping it separate everyone can go to the listing that suits them. The main listings I read and contribute to are General Chromatic discussion and Repair and Maintenance.
Once in a while I'll check out Banter section just to get away from harp discussion.

The category's clearly define what the topics are, chromatic only, diatonic only, harps for sale, any gear but harps for sale, repairs gig/festival notices, general banter etc.

Follow the guidelines for posting and everyone is welcome there. Strong opinions are the norm. Slamming fellow contributors for their opinion invites immediate removal.

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Hey, I banned myself from slidemeister many years ago because the super-narrow focus of the allowed discussion there did not meet my needs as a musician.
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My issue with slidemeister goes beyond separation of diatonic and chromatic forums. Diatonic sounds on a chromatic might have easily been, Playing a nasty blues on chromatic. Either way it's chromatic discussion.

The root of the problem is that 'diatonic' is a dirty word on the forum. That can easily extend to the blues and other topics, such as miking and amps and such. The owner really doesn't want any of these topics showing up on the chromatic boards. I have also heard that he doesn't welcome all of the altered tuning threads that have been happening recently.

My protest was not about discussing diatonics on the chromatic board, as I don't play diatonics. My protest is that slidemeister wants limit discussion that doesn't fit into it's idea of what the chromatic should be.

Of course they have the right to have any kind of site they want. Just don't call it, A place for all things chromatic, unless you mean it.

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