[Harp-L] Re: skier's thumb and harp holding

Man that skiing can be dangerous for harp players!  I severed my ACL
in the moguls a few seasons ago and had the pleasure of gigging while
on crutches following the surgery!  It didn't affect the playing but
really cut into my dance moves ;P  .


On Dec 31, 9:04 am, john kuzloski <jkuzlo...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've got "skier's thumb" (from a ski fall), and my left hand is in a brace that
> keeps me from squeezing my thumb together with my index finger -- just where I
> hold my harps!  

> Anyway, this is just a whining, a sharing of an interesting harp situation, and
> an invitation for anyone who has had a similar situation to chime in -- either
> specifically about the thumb (advice?) or even bout any injury accommodation
> that you had to make to keep on playing.  
> Happy New Year, all.

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