Re: [Harp-L] First chromatic?

I'll second this. If you can find a CX-12 in your price range, I'd take that over the 270 or the Seydel. I'll also second the tenor suggestion.


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Get yourself a Hohner CX-12 if you like a darker bluesy sound.. Or a 270  
Hohner Super Chromonica otherwise... Both are available within your price  
But you have LOTS of other options!
My "first chromatic" was a 270 in the key of "G"... I still tend to "think  
harmonica" based on a "G" tuned chromatic. This has (probably) been a  
disadvantage for me, over the years.
Just a thought... You could purchase a TENOR tuned Hohner CX-12,  or a 270. 
In the key of "C".
That will be better for a more "bluesy" or "jazzy" sound (IMHO ) than  the 
regular "C" tuning which covers the same range as a standard concert  flute.
All the best,
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Cebu City
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I've  been taking lessons for about a year on diatonic and would like to 
get a  chromatic to fool around with.  I'd like to spend less than $150.   Is 
this doable? The price range and variety have my head spinning. Any  
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

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