[Harp-L] Harmonica Clothing/Home Accessories???

I've seen the necklaces from companies and John Popper's Special 20 ringed
hat...what else is out there?  I think a belt buckle would be sweet.  I've
seen the Charlie McCoy ones, but you can't order them.

I remember when I first was starting out and eBay was the rage, you could
find all sorts of harmonica magnets, stickers, and accessories.  Now I can't
find anything.  Bonus points if it is Hohner.

The reason for asking is two fold.  One - I'd like something to wear, maybe
on stage, that isn't cheesy.  Two - I am in the process of remodeling at my
house and that remodel will include an updated workshop/man cave.  I'd like
the cave to have more than tools and posters.
Mike Fugazzi
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