Re: [Harp-L] bo diddley

My ol' friend from NY here used to play in his band for a bit....Mark Bell

I had the honor to work with Bo once, it was a 'Mountain Dew' Commercial, nut we had some fun and laughs.....

sounds like a nice GIFT Jimmy! Enjoy

Rob P
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Got a great Bo Diddley video for Christmas. Many epic musicians but there
was a really good harp player uncredited. Then at the end watching the
credits rolls, they credited John Hammond as a guitarist.There's the mystery
harp player. Guy is a very good accompaniest, had the chops but stayed away
from the singing and the horns, --used restraint.

Bo wasn't bad either--him showing Little Faces drummer Kenny Jones how the
Bo Diddley beat was supposed to go was priceless.

Rainbow Jimmy

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