[Harp-L] PLAYLIST: The Blues Room [NZ] Drop Down Mama, It's the Holidays - WIN CDs!!

The Blues Room presents ...
Epsiode 256, 29 Dec 2010

This episode is a little different from the rest and it marks 5 years
of The Blues Room to air from Community Radio Hamilton.

I've left the playlist out from this post so I can see how many songs
you recognize : ) You won't hear me on this episode, instead you'll
hear a bunch of great blues tunes from around the globe including
some great harmonica blues tracks.

If you're feeling lucky, email me the name of at least 3 song titles
and the artist(s) performing them and you'll go in the draw to win some
Blues CDs. Name as many of the tunes as you can and win a bonus Blues
CD. Put your mailing address in the email too, I'll email the winner.
Here's my email address: thebluesroom(@)gmail.com (remove the brakets).

Good luck!

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/341arimtmaxr4hi/THEBLUESROOM_258_DROP_DOWN_MAMA_ITS_THE_HOLIDAYS_DEC2010.mp3

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