[Harp-L] HELP-Replacing a volume Pot

I ham working on replacing the on off switch with a volume pot on my Shure 
sphero-o-dyne 533SA High Z
After accessing the switch its gets a little confusing. I seen it done with a 
regual mic but not one with a switch to volume 

The Element has a green (+) and yellow wirer. the green goes down the shaft to 
the cable connection. 

The Yellow goes to the #1 post on/off switch. then from that turns black down 
the shaft to the cable connection. The #1 post is also grounded to the body of 
the switch. so post #1 has 3 wires.
Post 2 on the on off switch has two wires coming from the cable connection area 
in the shaft. one is white and the other is off white.

So to summarize: 
The element has two post one green and one yellow
the green from shaft to (+) on the element
black form shaft to post 1 on switch then yellow from switch post 1 to 
element. Post 2 on the switch is also grounded to switch body.
two white wires from shaft to post 2 on the switch.

My volume pot is a 100k and has 3 post. to hook up. any done this conversion and 
could tell me how to add this pot?

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