[Harp-L] Christmas Harmonica Story

My nephew, 5, called as soon as he saw what Santa brought...a harmonica! It
was so cute! He was very excited and eventually added he got a portable DVD
player. Pretty cool the harp was initially more impressive to him, lol. He
tried so hard to play a song for me...he wasn't just blowing and drawing.

On a related note, I received three Golden Melody harmonicas this Christmas.
The keys were, C, G, and B. All three would easily overblow on 4, 5, and 6.
They could be sustained and bent. Only the G would overdraw. They were all
in blister packs and had the new screws. I was way impressed.

I have very limited computer access until the first of the year, but really
wanted to share about my nephew.  I have had several offlist emails in the
last few days and I promise to catch up as soon as I can!

Merry Christmas!
Mike Fugazzi
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