[Harp-L] Sonny Junior Super Cruncher

Thought I would send out a note to the list.  I have had a Cruncher for about a year and have been very happy with it.  Previously, I have had many different Fender amps and a couple of custom harp amps
The Cruncher has been a cut above them all in terms of tone, projection, and bass response.  Just got back from Connecticut after having the Super Cruncher upgrade (bigger transformer and a different speaker configuration)
All I can say is wow!  I got the amp home and played in a room that I am familiar with.  What a difference.  Much more powerful and pure tone. Less breakup as you crank the volume.
The bass and projection is vastly improved as well.  I play a lot of low harps and all I can say is wow!  Low F is killer on this thing 

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