Re: [Harp-L] Gindick's Dancing with Stars Blues Number

Jon Gindick wrote:
<Sexy floating and sad Christmas blues composed and performed for Dancing
<with the Stars
<dance dvd series. Ralph Carter produced composed  and played drums, bass,
<shakers, keys, 
<slides and little ol me did the harp for a nominal fee. The theme I was
<working was a 3rd Position
<"In the Pines" but Ralph subverted it with grinding rhythm and sick chord
<voicings and sinster shaker.
<I played this through the small Harp Gear, and that was recorded by a high
<quality ribbon mic.
<I am looking forward to seeing the girls grind to this on the DVD, which I
<think comes out in January.

Lotta vib to that piece, the lines are very cool, great recorded sound.  Who knew that Dancing With The Stars had so much soul?

Regards, Richard Hunter

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