RE: [Harp-L] NAMM 2011

Hi Steve,

Oddly enough, 2011 will be the first NAMM I've *missed* in 25+ years - will be out-of-town meeting my new grand-daughter, but I can point you to a few places...

Hohner has a very large booth which usually features some very fine harp players (and/or also some killer accordionists - Flaco Jimenez, etc.) Last year they featured Buddy Greene and in the past they've had virtually all the top harpers. First class operation all around. Please tell 'em hi for me?

The Suzuki booth usually features my pal Brendan Power, displaying various instruments and his exceptional talents.

Old pal Peter 'Madcat" Ruth has been a mainstay at the Hering booth for years, although he recently advised me that he won't be making the trip this year.... I trust they will have someone there, however.

Seydel will probably have a presence, as will Lee Oskar (Tombo.) Both well worth visiting. Astatic mics is there, and of course tons of amp builders.

On the non-harmonica front, there is usually some great picking going on downstairs at the National Guitars booth (Bob Brozman, Catfish Keith, Doug McLeod, and occasional harpsters sitting in.) You'll also come across many harpers in the crowd itself -- perhaps David Barrett, John Sebastian, James Harman, Phil Wiggins, Danny Wilson, Rick Estrin, Kim Wilson, James Cotton.... who knows...? (I've bumped into all of these folks more than once there.)

NAMM is a zoo. Every now and then a true superstar will check in and play somewhere (Stevie Wonder, Dylan, Bono, etc.) Ya never know...? And of course the people-watching cannot be beat -- metal freaks, silicone babes, tatted-out rockers, etc etc. The guy next to you in the hot dog line could be Paul McCartney...

Bring PLENTY of Aspirin, however, as the volume level is atrocious!

Have fun! :)

Tom Ball

Well, I've lived in SoCal for nearly 15 years, and finally going to a NAMM; not the whole thing, just on Sunday, 1/16 (if my NY Giants are in the playoffs and playing that day -- ha, not likely after last week -- I'll have a bit of a dilemma). My singer-songwriter/guitar-playing Wife will likely also be going.

Anyone have any specific or general suggestions what I (or we) should check out? Specific to harp players, or just cool stuff in general? Should I bring some harps and a mic in, to try out amps and pedals and such (do they let you do that)? Anyone else going? Might be nice to meet some other harp folks there.

BTW: Our good friend Chad Patrick got us the passes. He's invented a great product for drummers (I know, this is a list for harp players, but one never knows) that I should help plug:


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