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I play this one in A in 2d pos on a D (low D for the intro & comping, regular D for leads), I guess it ain't "right" it's just how I do it.   1 draw, 2 draw bend, 2 draw, etc.  And I don't use the multi-note texture of Wolf's (1st pos? on a 365?) version, much as I love it.  In the band I play it with, it sounds better - to me - in a single-note passage, with long deep vibrato on the 3rd note.    

While it's quite important to learn others' sounds/licks/tone/textures to enhance your vocabulary and chops - I still urge blues players to interpret, rather than copy, others' blues pieces.   

Everyone hears and plays and learns differently.  However you do it, blues, to me anyway, has to be a personal expression, or it's just archival copying of someone else's interpretation.   I say, make it your own or leave it alone.

And, so what if one plays a song without it's reputed signature lick or even a different rhythm scheme?  I usually try to keep the sonic flavor intact and use the signature licks, progressions, etc., but hey, if it's played with heart,  and especially if it feels and sounds good to YOU, how could someone say your version ain't "authentic"?   Shuck 'em if they can't take a poke!   

Dave "I suck on harp" Fertig

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 But what I'm trying to figure out are the actual notes for the 
head--the harmonica line at the beginning of the tune.  I've come up 
with a couple of approximations that sort of work, but I'm having a 
tough time transcribing the exact notes Mr. Burnett is playing.

Any guidance?

Very best regards,


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> It is 1st Position
> Rob P

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