[Harp-L] Sonny Jr Amplifiers

Just a few words about  Sonny Jr amplifiers:

I've been  touring most of this year with my own band and also as a member
of Cyndi Lauper's band and I don't think I can put into words how much I
appreciate the Cruncher and Gary "Sonny Jr" Onofrio.  I've used either The
Cruncher or The Avenger in a quite duo setting, in bars, clubs, ballrooms,
and outdoor festivals and it's killer tone can always reliably be heard.
I've played through a LOT of amps over the 40+ years I've been touring and I
honestly can't think of an amp I like better than a Sonny Jr. I get LOTS of
praise from people regularly about the sound of the Sonny Jr.  There's a lot
of good amps out there, but, in my opinion, a Sonny Jr amp can't be beat. I
love the tone and the response so much, that when I'm home, I keep a Sonny
Jr in my office and every day I just HAVE to turn it on and play through it
to feel that tone and how the notes just jump out. And Gary Onofrio is a
great guy to work with. He's put his heart and soul in searching for the
ultimate in tone for harmonica. I trust him totally. Just thought I'd pass
this on to you, Charlie Musselwhite

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