[Harp-L] walter tore's evening recording session

Here are a few from toinght.  I continue to come to peace with being probably the only person doing what I do-spontaneously creating all words and music as I go along.  I feel like I am in a parralel universe with the music world.  I can see it, touch it, but when I talk about what I do, the music scene disapears.   This use to make me really sad, but now I find joy in being a builder of a new way of doing music.  Life is a gift and I am thankful for mine.   Having my studio 24/7, my one man band, and the ability to make music whenever it hits me is all I ever dreamed of.    Watler Tore
Hey young people
the good times are bye
coming to peace with my life
in the afternoon swing
http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=157137  ;

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