[Harp-L] Sonny Boy's Legacy in Mississippi

Are you a Sonny Boy Williamson II fan? The Sonny Boy Club is a way we harp players can make a huge difference in the lives of the people of Tutwiler, Mississippi, the impoverished town where harp great Sonny Boy Williamson II is buried. Your donation goes directly into the Tutwiler Medical Clinic's Pay Pal account. Even the smallest donation is greatly appreciated and useful as hell. 

Next Years Schedule:

March 22 -26, 2011  
May 24-28, 2011
September 27 to Oct 1, 2011 

See video of camp we just had:

At The Shack Up Inn and 
Hopson Commisary, Clarksdale, Mississippi

Focusing on You, the Fundamentals, and the Joys of Jamming in the Heart of the Historic Blues Country (about 60 miles south of Memphis)



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