[Harp-L] Wally Peterman

Wally Peterman woke up this morning, told  his wife Val that his chest hurt from coughing all night.
She asked him if he wanted her to take him to the hospital or call 911. 
He said that it would be kind of silly to go to the hospital for a chest cold.
Fortunately, Val didn't want to hear that. She called 911
Wally had a heart attack, he was admitted to the hospital cardiac unit and underwent surgery to correct a 90% blockage. Because he was treated within the golden hour, he will be out of the hospital and back home in a few days.

If anyone would like to send a get-well card or message, here are some addresses:
          The hospital 
                St. Francis Hospital
                Room C-304
                8111 S. Emerson Ave
                Greenwood, IN 46237        
                263 Franklin Street
                Shelbyville IN 46176
          Email address

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