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Hey John,

Here are the Riff Notes Howlin Wolf Play's on the original Version ie: a C Harp

2D (or 3B), 3D 1st bend=Bb note, 2D, 3D 1st bend, 4B (and on this last note 4B you can use an octave to fatten it up.

The notes in Cm on a C Harp are:
G, Bb, G, Bb, C

Hope this helps Rob Paparozzi

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Thanks. But what I'm trying to figure out are the actual notes for the head--the harmonica line at the beginning of the tune. I've come up with a couple of approximations that sort of work, but I'm having a tough time transcribing the exact notes Mr. Burnett is playing.

Any guidance?

Very best regards,


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It is 1st Position
Rob P
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I play it in third position, using a Golden Melody.  Dan Axt
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The Howlin' Wolf tune.  Does anyone have tab for the harp part?  I
just can't seem to get it right.



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